front entryway into the Phoenix Fire Station number 59. Modern architecture, historial context. Integration into community. Fire service, health and safety. LEA Architects, Phx AZ
Natural materials used for structures. environmental friendly design principles. Fire station number 59. Designed in a contemporary fashion by LEA Architects.
Exterior angle of Phoenix Fire Station number 59. Fire service, public works. Sustainable design. Architects in Phoenix. Health and Safety works. Natural material integration, sustainable design for communities.
Interior kitchen or dining room part of the Phoenix Fire Station 59. Designed by LEA Architects. Sustainable and modern design. Phoenix architects. 85020
exercise work out room part of the Phoenix Fire Station number 59. Interior design. Fire and public safety. Sustainable and functional design. Phoenix Architects, LEA Architects.
Exterior design. Shade panels. LEA Architects in Arizona. Phoenix Fire Station number 59. modern and contemporary design. fire service, and public safety.
exterior viewing of Phoenix Fire Station number 59. fire service, public safety. Arizona architects in phoenix. Sustainable and modern design. Phoenix Fire Station 59

phoenix fire station no. 59

fire station size: 15,078 s.f.
storage bldg size: 5,677 s.f.

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The modern architecture responds to the desert environment as well as the surrounding industrial context. The cylindrical form of the Fire Station’s physical fitness room, clad on the exterior with insulated metal wall paneling, with translucent glass fin fenestration metaphorically speaks to the fire stations primary mission requirement as a first responder serving the industrial context of the large surrounding fuel farm structures. The use of natural materials for both buildings, including locally manufactured integral color ground face concrete block units, the prevalent use of steel, and perforated metal further relate to the industrial buildings near the site. The Fire Station’s west façade is protected from the harsh desert sun by a continuous horizontal steel shade canopy over the apparatus bay doors while the main entrance is protected by a deep roof overhang and a vertical shade screen of perforated metal. The west façade of the Storage Building mimics the west façade of the Fire Station at the apparatus bays with a continuous horizontal steel shade canopy to block the western sun. The South facing standing seam metal shed roof over the living quarters of the Fire Station houses roof mounted photovoltaic modules while additional double sided photovoltaic modules are located over the patio off of the kitchen which double as a shade canopy.

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