Residential home designed by LEA Architects, based in Phoenix Arizona.
Kitch design for the Enyart Residence, donw by LEA Architects. LEA strives to produce sustainable, modern designs, that are attractive and comfortable to live and work in.
Bathroom design of the ENyart Residence, designed by LEA Architects, based in Phoenix Arizona.
Interior room shot of the Enyart Residence, a residential home in the local community designed by LEA Architects, who are based in Phoenix, Arizona. LEA does both local community works as well as national projects.
Bedroom design for the Enyart Residence designed by LEA Architects, who are based in Phoenix, AZ.

enyart residence

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This mid century modern home was renovated in order to meet the current and future living needs of the Architect and his wife. The original compartmentalized floor plan was redesigned, replacing bearing walls with clear span structure to create an open an inviting public space.

Galvalume metal roof and exterior wall cladding is used in contrast with the original weathered slump block perimeter walls. Exposed glue laminated wood structural members, raw plate steel, maple casework, and walnut floors articulate the interior and further contrast with the texture of the slump block left exposed to the interior space. The plate steel clad fire place and casework is backlit to create a sculptural form that floats between the floor plane and the expansive clerestory fenestration.

In keeping with the modest budget, the Architect worked within the confines of the previous addition at the rear of the house to develop a master bedroom suite and studio space that opens onto the pool and backyard. The materials, finishes, and fixtures used throughout the renovation offer further refinement while at the same time respecting the mid century architecture of the original home.

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