LEA Architects works with Arizona State University in order to complete their new labs and kitchen for the ASU nursing health facility. LEA Architects is based in Phoenix, AZ. This is not their first project involving ASU.
This 3D rendering shows how LEA renovated the old ASU building, in order to accomodate the new relocated Nutritional Instruction Kitchen.
LEA Architects' rendering of the new ASU NHI building, to be opened in 2011 spring. LEA is based in Phoenix Arizona.
Hallway rendering by LEA of the new ASU building for instructional use and purpose. This academic building from Arizona State Univeristy is being renovated by LEA Architects.

asu nursing health innovation - instructional labs + kitchens

5,138 s.f.

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LEA worked with the Arizona State University College
of Nursing and Health to relocate the Nutritional Instruction Kitchens from the Polytechnic campus to the Downtown Phoenix Campus. The project scope includes renovating approximately 5,138 gross s.f. of space on the first floor of Nursing & Health Innovation Phase I to accommodate the following program: instructional kitchen, commercial kitchen, retail kitchen and dining, support spaces, office space and meeting/demonstration space. The project was designed and built on a fast track schedule to fulfill the curriculum
requirements for the spring 2011 semester at the Downtown Phoenix Campus.


  • Energy efficient light fixtures + motion sensors that automatically turn off lights.
  • Cotton batt sound insulation above ceilings and in walls is made from recycled blue jeans.
  • The existing structural post tensioned concrete slab was repurposed as a finished floor material providing a durable, cost effective, and attractive natural flooring surface.
  • Existing Carpet Tiles were salvaged and reused in the office and multi-purpose room.
  • Indoor environment quality is enhanced though exhaust systems interlocked with kitchen equipment as well as architectural space planning that maximizes access to natural daylight and views from occupied spaces.
  • Recycling containers are provided throughout the facility.