yavapai prescott indian cultural center

21,076 s.f.

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The preservation of the Yavapai history, culture, and language is of the utmost importance to provide the basic cultural education for present and future generations of young people. The Cultural Center facilities will provide a means through which the history, culture, and language can be transferred to Yavapai youth and interpreted for visitors. LEA’s design provides an educational/archival facility to provide a forum and structure for the passing of Yavapai Cultural traditions, as well as the preservation and safekeeping of cultural information. The new Cultural Center is set in a natural outdoor setting for educational activities and for presentation of traditional lifestyles. The facility is interpretive to educate the public, as well as tribal members, regarding the culture and history of the Yavapai Tribe. Also included in the scope is a performance facility to accommodate the Yavapai Heritage Outdoor Drama as well as other events, studios, exhibition space, and sales for Indian-produced fine arts.

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