Southwest elevation of the El Mirage Fire Station located in Arizona. This fire station was designed by LEA Architects, who are based in Phoenix Arizona.
Close detail point of the El Mirage Fire Station No 2. This picture zooms into the trellis addition in the fire station, designed by LEA Architects.
Image of the lobby of the El Mirage Fire Station No 2, designed by LEA Architects.
Image of the interior of the El Mirage Fire Station No 2 designed by LEA Architects, located in Phoenix Arizona.
Exterior shot of the El Mirage Fire Station No 2, designed by LEA Architects, who are based in Phoenix, AZ.

el mirage fire station no. 2 + administration

15,600 s.f.

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LEA Architects have completed design and construction for the new award winning sustainable City of El Mirage Fire Station and Administration Facility. LEA worked closely with the City of El Mirage to develop an efficient and cost effective design that allows the facility to meet the needs of both first responders and administrative staff. Natural materials are used throughout the project including clay fired brick and concrete masonry which is both harvested and manufactured local to the area. The project utilizes sustainable design strategies including natural daylighting to reduce overall energy consumption as well as operable windows to improve the overall indoor environmental quality for the building occupants. Security was of upmost importance to the users of the facility which dictated that the private dormitories be located towards the rear of the station behind the perimeter security site walls. To ensure that the building would also be open and inviting to the public the lobby serving both the Administration Wing and Fire Station is located facing El Mirage Road. The Community Room serving the public also is located adjacent to the lobby which includes expansive glazing protected by a vertical shade screen as well as an outdoor patio space. A large solar PV collector array on the building and carports provides 75 KW of power to the grid. Other key project features include: three drive-through apparatus bays, 10 private dorms including captain’s and BC quarters, dayroom, diningroom, kitchen, private outdoor patio, turn out room, SCBA maintenance, decontamination room, and physical conditioning.

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