Exterior entryway of the Paradise Valley Station No 2, a sustainable design, designed by the architectural firm located in Phoenix AZ, LEA Architects. Fire Station design.
Interior of the Paradise Valley Fire Station no 2, designed by LEA Architects, promoting sustainable design and energy efficient means.
Exercise room located within the Paradise Valley Station No2, designed by LEA Architects. Local firm that does both local and national jobs. Sustainable and energy efficient.
West elevation and exterior patio of the Paradise Valley Station No 2, designed by LEA Architects. Phoenix, AZ. Sustainable design. Integrated with the environments.

paradise valley station no.2

10,035 s.f.

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Paradise Valley Fire Station No. 2 was designed to integrate into the natural desert environment and the neighboring Town of Paradise Valley Municipal Complex. Natural materials including ground-face concrete masonry and exposed weathering steel roof forms tie the building to the site. Fire Station No. 2 incorporates numerous passive and active sustainable ‘green’ building design strategies. The use of ground face concrete masonry units, smooth face concrete masonry, and hollow clay tile units in conjunction with galvanized and weathering/pre-finished metal was essential to the overall design strategy employed to accomplish this goal. The interior exposed masonry works in harmony with the ground concrete floors to provide a durable zero maintenance material with considerable thermal mass for temperature stability and energy conservation. The roof forms allow for natural controlled day light through clerestory windows.

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