san luis obispo county regional airport ARFF station no. 21

9,500 s.f.

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LEA worked with the County of San Luis Obispo Fire Dept. and Airport Aviation staff in the program and design of the new ARFF Station 21. The ARFF station and terminal forms were designed to be complimentary. Both buildings relate to the sleek asthetic of the airport while using natural materials and forms that harmonize with the surrounding context of natural stone and rolling hills. ARFF Project

Features Include:

  • 9,500 square feet
  • Six Bays (3) ARFF bays, (3) structural fire bays
  • 5 Private Dorms and 1 Captains Quarters
  • Dayroom
  • Training Room
  • Kitchen and Dining Spaces
  • Weight/Exercise Room
  • Administration Offices
  • Secure Airside and Landside Parking
  • FAA Part 139, Part 77, FAA Advisory Circulars