This is the aerial context plan of how these Scottsdale townhomes will be laid out and placed.
LEA's siteplan of how the Scottsdale, AZ townhomes will be designed.
3D aerial rendering of how LEA Architects envision this Scottsdale townhome to look like. Phoenix Architect.
Street view of LEA's design of these townhomes will look like. Arizona architecture.
A varied street view of how the Scottsdale townhomes are planned out to be by LEA Architects, based in Phoenix Arizona.
Another picture showing how the Scottsdale townhomes are designed to be, by the Phoenix, Arizona-based architects, LEA Architects.
LEA Architect section plan of how the Scottsdale townhomes are designed.

4804 scottsdale townhomes

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14 Units
26,000 SF

Located near Old Town Scottsdale, the 4804 Townhomes consist of five three level units with attached garages and seven two level units with detached garages. The architecture utilizes natural materials to provide refuge while also providing a connection to the environment through framed views and common space. Deep roof overhangs, steel shade hoods, and balcony projections wrap the buildings, providing shade and privacy while remaining respectful of the neighborhood context. The living space is elevated above the FEMA flood plain, which allows for, elevated decks, and views into and beyond the serene desert courtyard.

The project implements energy efficient design strategies with green building systems and materials. Native desert vegetation will be used throughout the project, utilizing a xeriscape planting strategy to conserve water. Over one quarter of the total site area is dedicated to open common space, a pool and spa. A two-car garage, self-contained within the 2 and one-half level units, provides ten onsite parking spaces.

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