A commercial building rendering from LEA Architects. This is located in downtown Phoenix, AZ.
One of the streetviews of how this office building in downtown Phoenix designed by LEA will look like.
Northwest view point of how this commerical office building in downtown Phoenix will look like. This architectural rendering was done by LEA.
Rendering of the structures in downtown Phoenix by LEA Architects.
The view from central avenue rendered by LEA Architects to show how this commerical office building will look like.

2400 N. Central

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LEA Architects is working with LGE Design Build to revitalize the existing 2400 N. Central Commercial office building located in the Central Corridor of Down Town Phoenix. The improvements to the 50,000 SF project include interior enhancements to the lobby and common area functions, landscape and hardscape modifications, architectural interventions to the existing stair towers including shade canopies and added vertical slit fenestration designed to provide shade from the hard desert sun, respond to the pedestrian condition, define an entry from the Central Ave. frontage and adjacent light rail line, as well as activate and enliven the building as a whole to maximize the overall value of the project for both the developer and tenants alike. Modifications to the existing curtain wall for greater transparency into the circulation corridors and enhanced energy efficiency are also incorporated into the design.