LEA works with Vintage partners in order to transform a once consignment warehouse into a restaurant and brewery. LEA melds the divisions between interior and exterior boundaries with this project. LEA is based in Phoenix, Arizona.
East elevation of LEA Architect's project in repurposing a warehouse into a restaurant and more. LEA is based from Phoenix Arizona.
Shows details of how the entryways work. At this development of brewery and retail, LEA Architects designs this 3D rendering to share their thoughts and ideals with the world.
Front angle of how this warehouse-turned space looks. LEA designed this rendering, based in Phoeni Arizona.
patio view of LEA Architect's 7th street brewery and retail development. LEA is a sustainable firm whereby they integrate  their projects into the natural environment in a modern fashion.
LEA Architects is a Phoenix architecture firm, and this is their rendering of a commercial and mixed use project, redesigning an old consignment warehouse into a brewery and retail development space.

7th street brewery and retail development

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LEA Architects is working with Vintage partners on the adaptive reuse and conversion of an existing consignment warehouse into a restaurant and brewery concept. The existing retail center adjacent to the new brewery is also being renovated and revitalized. Exposed structural steel, glass overhead doors, and a indoor outdoor bar activate the street frontage. A new exterior dining area, entry sequence, and outdoor deck protected by a living wall define the brewery’s new façade. Double height glass garage doors allow the interior of the space to open onto the new outdoor dining areas blurring the boundary between the interior and exterior environment.

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