LEA Architects partnered with Camelback Bible Church, to work on a new educational building for the Church.
LEA Architects accomplishes this scope of work and achieves to design not only a religious building, but also an academic one as well.
This is the rendering LEA Architects has done to show the what the interior of the classroom will look like. LEA is based from Phoenix, Arizona.
LEA Architects, based from Phoenix Arizona, has accomplished this Camelback Bible Church project in a modernistic manner.
LEA Architects is a family owned firm based in Phoenix, Arizona. This rendering shows the design LEA has planned for the Camelback Bible Church Education Building.
This is one of the images after construction has been completed for the Camelback Bible Church Education Building designed by LEA Architects.
Image showing the LEA-designed bathrooms for the new Camelback Bible Church Education Building. LEA is a Phoenix based architecture firm.
Final classrooms for the LEA Architect-designed education building in Camelback Bible Church.

camelback bible church educational building

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The Project includes renovations and improvements to the existing Camelback Christian School. The estimated square footage includes approximately 7,200 SF of existing Classroom and Administration space dedicated to school functions and 3,400 SF of existing multi-purpose /assembly space.