Phoenix sky harbor international airport arff station number 19. Designed sustainably and modernly. Phoenix Architecture group LEA. Public works, fire station, airport ARFF, aesthetic design.
exterior view of PSHIA, designed by LEA Architecture. ARFF station. airport public works. integrated design. well functioning. aesthetic. architecture in Phoenix. community works.
ARFF sketch concepts. planning and process. design process, arff station, public works, airport. Phx sky harbor international airport arff design process and sketches.
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interior design for phoenix sky harbor training room. architecture in arizona. local and community works. Airport ARFF station. public works. fire service.
ARFF station 19 phoenix sky harbor. FAA tower. architectural functional design. green and modern. public work
interior architecture design ARFF station, phoenix sky harbor international airport. public works, public sector, station design. contemporary and green design.

phoenix sky harbor international airport ARFF station no. 19

35,000 s.f.

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LEA worked with the City of Phoenix, Phoenix Fire Department and Sky Harbor International Airport staff on the replacement of the existing ARFF station and design of two ARFF stations. ARFF Station features include:

51,000 square feetThirteen (13) Drive Through Bays20 Private Dorms and 6 Captains QuartersDayrooms, Kitchen and Dining SpacesObservation and Tactical Planning AreasMen’s and Women’s Locker Rooms, Library/Study Room Weight/Exercise RoomsTraining Classrooms, Conference Rooms, Administration Offices.Airport Communications, Emergency Power